World Hijab Day

February 1, 2021 marks the eighth anniversary of World Hijab Day. Founded by New Yorker Nazma Khan, it celebrates the millions of Muslim women who make the decision to wear hijab. All non-Muslim are invited to don the hijab (scarf) as a sign of solidarity and to foster understanding of the experience of hijabi women. Whether mistreated on the playground, college campus, in larger society or the boardroom, Muslims continue to face Islamophobia.  Unfortunately, Muslim women across the globe have been and continue to be discriminated against for expressing their faith through wearing hijab (or even banned from wearing it in certain locales). 

While some of the false narratives describe the Mulsim woman as oppressed, any person making an informed decision, is demonstrating the utmost freedom. How can a woman of faith who chooses not to reveal all of her adornments be described as oppressed?    

World Hijab Day persists as an initiative to fight discrimination against women through education and awareness. Take the time to learn more and celebrate what makes us all unique and beautiful. 

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