More Than a Purchase, It's an Investment

More Than a Purchase, It's an Investment

You are likely here at Sew Elevated because you are ready to take your discerning fashion sense to the next level. Yet, have you been hesitant to purchase because of your budget restrictions or you just have additional questions about the brand? We, too, understand the need to prioritize your money and purchase from brands with values. So when the time comes for you to take the leap and invest in one of our timeless pieces, it is crucial to know what you are buying and supporting. We firmly believe that in order to put your best foot forward in this world, you need to feel good about yourself. A purchase from Sew Elevated includes: 

    1. Sustainability- First things first, we pride ourselves on the measures we take to minimize potential harm to the environment. This added benefit to mother nature can be a costly expense for you and me, but it is well worth it. We produce what is minimally necessary. One of the many problems in the fashion industry at-large is carrying excessive inventory. When you are unsure how much stock you need to carry and produce more than you need, you have to figure out what to do with the leftovers. Oftentimes, inventory/unused fabric ends up in landfills. In 2018, Burberry came under fire for burning unsold inventory and perfumes. The industry has had other wasteful and ineffective strategies for managing unsold inventory, i.e., creating more. More seasons to the fashion calendar such as resort and pre-fall theoretically offer more opportunities to sell, but producing more can lead to more of the same. Sew Elevated wants to reduce wasteful spending and accumulation of fabrics and inventory. Therefore, “microproduction” (smaller batch production) and/or pre-order models are the focus.
    2. High Quality products- Oftentimes, you do get what you pay for. Sew Elevated puts a luxurious spin on your average modest clothing, and makes you feel like the confident woman we know you are. When possible, Sew Elevated uses deadstock/rescued fabrics from designers that would otherwise have gone to landfills. However, pursuit of luxe and sometimes specialty fabrics, even at a discounted rate, can be expensive. As we must also take into account fit, length and type of fabric (with or without nap), more fabric can be required to produce the garment. 
    3. Smaller Production- Unfortunately, when you manufacture less, factories charge you more. Some factories require a minimum of 200-300 units - a lot for an emerging brand. Many factories are not cut and sew, i.e., you have to find one factory to cut your patterns and another factory to sew them. If you have a SKU/style with multiple color options, you will also be upcharged because it is viewed as more laborious. Further, when individual skilled seamstresses are needed for our customers, we pay them their worth. 
    4. A Boosted Local Economy - When Sew Elevated staff visit a local factory, we know that the working conditions are safe and that workers appear to be treated well. Using an overseas factory, we cannot be certain of workers’ ages, treatment or working conditions, especially if we are unable to travel to these countries. 

While pricing might seem high to some consumers, emerging brands who are conscious of their carbon footprint and the local workforce are often making little to no profit on their investment - selling goods “at cost.” In a world where cheap and fast fashion has prevailed, the decision to purchase from a less familiar or more upscale brand can be made easier when you know that you are purchasing from a company that you not only love, but represents a greater mission that aligns with your values. 

At Sew Elevated, you are not only buying fabulous clothing, you are helping the environment, boosting a local economy and enhancing the brilliant light already within you. We help you to show up in the world as the amazing, purpose-driven and fashionable woman that you are! 

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    ChaBree Muhammad : March 11, 2021

    I love the quality and beauty of your modest line. The upscale fashionable choices you carry are worth the investment.

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