The Meaning Behind Saamiya and Rakina - Our Latest Collection

The Meaning Behind Saamiya and Rakina - Our Latest Collection

Saamiya - elevated, lofty 

Rakina - dignified, steadfast 

As you may know, we have recently introduced a new, colorful and gorgeous collection of tunics and dusters. But what you may not know is, why we choose the names Saamiya and Rakina to represent these new styles. Simply put, these names personify our brand. The word ‘Saamiya’ means ‘elevated and lofty.’  As a brand, we want you to feel like the elevated, best version of who you already are. When you join the Sew Elevated family, you have made the decision to invest in clothing thoughtfully designed to amplify the confidence within you. Saamiya, to us, means just that; being proud of who you are while also reaching for the highest heights. This classic tunic, offered in colors ranging from basic black to golden yellow to a dazzling leopard, is meant to instantly elevate your style, whether you are dressing for day or night. Finish your look with the right accessories and you are officially ready to take on anything that comes your way.  

Similar to Saamiya, the name ‘Rakina’ also embodies who we are as a brand and community. ‘Rakina’ means ‘dignified and steadfast.’ At Sew Elevated, we take pride in every step of the research and design process to ensure that everything we make will help you to feel your most beautiful and your most dignified. The challenging process of building a fashion brand and making quality and well-considered clothing, requires us to be steadfast. There also comes great dignity and pride in persevering through this process and hopefully you witness this dignity comes shining through in our products. Our clothes, including the Rakina, are intended to make you look and feel like the powerful and distinguished woman we have come to know you to be. Available in several colors and fabrications, each Rakina is made to be a strong layering piece that can be dressed up or down in an infinite number of ways. 

Saamiya and Rakina similarly typify the values we hold dear at Sew Elevated. When you feel like the most elevated and dignified version of yourself, you know that you can take on the world. At Sew Elevated, we want all of our amazing women to feel stunning in their own skin every time that they don our clothes. Share with us how amazing you feel when you grab your own Saamiya or Rakina! 

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