Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight

Here at Sew Elevated, we have been lucky enough to meet a lot of strong and capable women who have welcomed our products into their busy and purposeful lives. We find that in order to please our customers, we have to know our customers. We had the privilege of sitting down and talking with a beloved Sew Elevated customer, Nurah, and getting to understand why our brand has meant so much to her and so many people like her. 

Like many women who engage with Sew Elevated, Nurah appreciates the fact that she can see herself represented in the clothing and the brand. When asked why she purchases from Sew Elevated, Nurah says, “Well, first, a desire to support my own. Not specifically Black, but a member of the Nation of Islam. So, that’s number one. Secondly, the products are so fabulous, so elegant, sophisticated, and gorgeous. They’re simple, they're easy, and I feel that they are exactly what I need. I know they are going to meet all of my needs. It’s beautiful and attractive. It’s so-called modest-covered. I hate the word ‘modest.’ They’re always going to be appropriate, and they’re always going to fit.” The ability to see yourself reflected within the clothing you wear and the brands you support is a feeling that many women do not get to experience. Sew Elevated; however, takes pride in making our customers feel heard and seen.  

Similar to our perspective, Nurah thinks that the word ‘modest’ can feel restricting and does not include everything that Sew Elevate embodies. We asked her why she chooses to dress modestly, or how we like to call it, ‘covered.’ Nurah replies, “It aligns with my beliefs. I’m most comfortable in modest clothing and clothing that is made for modesty, not just clothing that could be used for modesty, because I know it’s going to meet my modest standards. If I go to a store looking for a top, you just don't know and you have to look. You have to go on a journey and you have to search for it. But I know that if I'm getting something from Sew Elevated, there's not going to have to be a bunch of adjustments made or allowances. I’m not going to have to sacrifice anything. I know it's going to give me the good coverage that I need.”

We currently live in a world where femininity is linked and intertwined with the exposure of skin. However, there are so many women out there that feel the most feminine version of themselves when they are not exposed. Nurah says, ”Sew Elevated makes me feel feminine. Knowing the style, the feel of it, the feel on my skin, the softness of the material. The way the material moves with my body. Sew Elevated feels like it is made for women. It's made for women to look and feel beautiful. So when you look at a Sew Elevated design and you see how gorgeous and sophisticated it is, you know you're going to feel that way when you wear it. I think Sew Elevated is something that men and women appreciate. Those designs are something that a man would look at and respect and think that's a beautiful woman, and women will also think, wow, that's gorgeous.” 

When women choose what they want to buy from Sew Elevated, they aren’t just looking for clothes that cover them up. They are looking for clothes that are chic, sensible and make them feel good. For Nurah, it is important that her ‘modest’ clothing has “length and looseness, meaning it is not clingy. Also I love different colors, because it is nice to know that you’re going to be covered, but you don’t want to be looking drab. You want to feel good in the sun. So I like colorful clothing. I still want to feel good. And I still want it to move. I want to feel good when I move in it.”

When it comes to clothing, there can be so many different options. It sometimes can feel overwhelming. However, when asked why Sew Elevated is above its competitors, Nurah says,  “I'd say the designs are really unique to this era. I think about some of the designs I've seen as kind of throwbacks. I've seen some that are fun. When I've seen modest clothing, it's kind of just functional. It's just something you’re gonna put on and it's going to function. However, Sew Elevated is like an experience. Whatever your work is, you want to go in public and you want coverage. You don't want exposure. And that's just kind of day-to-day. But SE is unique, because you get an experience. And the thing is, it's not even about what other people say, you just know that you're on a pedestal because it's made for that. It's made for a woman to feel regal and special and considered. I appreciate other modest designs because it's necessary, you know, we still need clothes to function. It's just that Sew Elevated treats me special. And I feel special. I don't feel special wearing some other things. I think I may look nice in it. I don't feel special. Well, I don't feel like I was considered as a consumer. So it's a little personal, too. The way the garments fit, the way they feel on my skin, the way they look with my skin, my skin tone, is just outside of the box. So far outside of the box. It's a powerful experience to wear it, it really is.” We are so happy to hear that, Nurah. 

As a Muslim women, it can sometimes be hard to feel considered in the clothing industry. In regards to consideration, Nurah says, “A Muslim woman wants to be covered. A Muslim woman wants to be able to move without restriction. In some clothing, you always have to make an adjustment. You don't have to make an adjustment in Sew Elevated. You don't. With some other brands, you have to double check. And there's nothing wrong with double checking just to make sure. And there's nothing wrong with making an adjustment if it's necessary. But you don't need to make an adjustment with Sew Elevated. And that brings a nice ease of mind. And as you know, as a woman and by observing other women, I can see where women need to make adjustments. I can see women making adjustments, and it's just extra. A woman wants to look and feel her best all the time. And with Sew Elevated, you just do. And then when you wear Sew Elevated, you want everything else. You want your life to match how you appear. You want your hair to rock, you want your shoes to look good, you want your stride, you want your confidence, and you want your chin high. There's nothing that is a sacrifice. Some women feel like when you wear something modest, that you're going to lose you, and that you're hiding who you are. Sew Elevated accentuates who you are. Not necessarily accentuating your bust or waist or anything like that. But it accentuates womanhood. It accentuates femininity. And these are all components of a woman. Sew Elevated accentuates all of that without any kind of inappropriate exposure.”

Nurah finishes off the interview by saying “ You choose what you want. You choose what works for you and you choose your preferences. So when you go to Sew Elevated, it is custom. Similar to how a vehicle is customized to your taste and style. You know? It's not inexpensive per se, but it's because the garments are so well tailored. They're just so worth it. Some things you kind of think two or three times before you spend money. You take a minute and think. But with Sew Elevated, you know what you're going to get and you're comfortable. That's a comfortable way to spend more than a few dollars, I'll say.”  

It is women like Nurah who make us so proud to be who we are, because we get to make other people feel proud to be who they are. Sew Elevated accentuates the qualities that people naturally possess and gives them the confidence that they need to take on the world. Thank you Nurah for sharing your experience. We are so blessed to have you and people just like you as our customers. 





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    Nurah: April 08, 2021

    I enjoyed this conversation! Thank you and keep up the great work. I cannot wait for my Samiyah in ALL the colors!

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