Yalina floral tunic.

Empowerment You Can Wear

Sew Elevated is a collection of contemporary and modern pieces built around the belief that women deserve beautiful clothing created for women’s needs. Fluid, statement making pieces are designed for strong women who wear power and confidence in the way they dress. Carefully crafted from thoughtfully-sourced luxury fabrics, our clothing is made to feel as amazing as it looks. Our timeless designs and superior quality provide wardrobe staples that last a lifetime.

About Dr. Nicole Muhammad

As a Muslim woman, Dr. Nicole Muhammad founded Sew Elevated after difficulties finding clothing that provided coverage, but was also fashionable. She soon found that her designs were just what many women, regardless of religion, were looking for: high-quality luxury garments that provided timeless style, incredible comfort and all-day versatility, without being revealing. Whether out in the community, in the boardroom, or taking in evening entertainment, Sew Elevated offers clothing that is as functional as it is beautiful. 

A practicing clinical psychologist, Dr. Nicole is experienced in helping people navigate life, helping them find the tools to live their best. She brings that same mindset to fashion.

“When I think about the clothing that I design, I think about how it makes you feel,” she says. “When I have conversations with both models and customers, many of them communicate with me just by putting a garment on — you can see it in their expressions and body language, how they feel stronger and confident about tackling their day.” 

Sew Elevated clothing is made from the finest quality fabrics, many imported from Italy and France. They are designed for sophisticated, confident women who know who they are and want to show it. Garments combine contemporary styles and vibrant colors with soft comfort and lasting durability. 

It is clothing for women looking for a higher level of empowerment and expression.

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