Who and What is Sew Elevated

Who and What is Sew Elevated

Although it was formally established in 2018, this enterprise was a lifetime in the making. Founder, Dr. Nicole Muhammad, had a preoccupation with fashion since dressing up her Barbie dolls whose lives were incomplete without their dream townhome (yes, with the elevator) and the pink convertible sitting outside. Purchasing sets of clothing were just as important as the dolls themselves. Fortunately, I also had an amazing and crafty aunt who crocheted clothes for my Barbies and Cabbage Patch Kids.  

As I blossomed into a pre-teen, I was drawn to publications such as Essence, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Needing to have these magazines delivered to my doorstep, I provided my mother with cash to write checks for my annual subscriptions. I was inspired by the editorial shots with gorgeous models styled in amazing clothing and being transcended through the pages to locales such as New York, MIlan and Africa. As fascinated as I was with the industry, I did not envision a tangible path for myself. My brief attempt at modeling did not take root and I did not meet prevailing height requirements. While I remained focused on my academic studies, I could not deny my fashion ancestry. My mother maintained stealthy shoe, garment and scarf collections and my grandmother was a lady whose outfits were never complete without matching gloves. To this day, I recall outfits that I strategically planned after perusing malls, shops and yes, the Popular Club Plan catalog. (Thirty bonus points to anyone who remembers that publication)! Some of my favorites were my black leggings with a mustard colored mock neck tunic with a drawstring, my emerald green fleece-lined jeans from the Gap with a matching velour turtleneck and a host of unique items from shops and specialty boutiques my mom discovered. She insisted on finding the best, unique and stylish items.    


My love for fashion and style, including vintage and luxury, continued to flourish throughout adulthood. However, not until becoming a member of the Nation of Islam, did I realize that I could actually become a fashion designer. Our women’s sewing class placed a sewing machine into my hands for the first time. Over the years learning about patterns, sewing and fabrics, I began to design my own clothes and ultimately do the same for others. My mission remains to adorn women with beautiful clothing and elevate and empower them to be their most confident and powerful selves while remaining covered.

Virtual Hugs,

Dr. Nicole 

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