The Need for Sew Elevated

The Need for Sew Elevated

Over recent years, the fashion industry has exponentially focused on the needs of the modest fashion consumer. This attention has been fueled in part by the presence of the near two billion Muslims worldwide and the realization of our buying  power. While physical coverage is crucial, there is no shortage of Muslim fashionistas who refuse to sacrfice style in their modesty. These women are in search of more than a basic abaya. 

However, modest dress is not relegated to Muslims only. There is another group of  men and women who seek more coverage for a variety of reasons, whether personal preference or religious affiliation. 

While the muslimah is a significant part of our customer base, Sew Elevated was established to allow all women to powerfully represent their individual style while remaining covered. We believe that all women can and should be empowered to feel confident and sophisticated without being provocative. 

The Sew Elevated woman is a Muslim, a Christian, a businesswoman, an entrepreneur, a wife. Whether she seeks luxury fashion or luxury modest fashion, she is emboldened to express her individuality through well-constructed and stylish clothing. There was a need in the market from women demanding luxury, modesty, distinguished looks and timeless design. 

Sew Elevated is here to fulfill that need.   

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