Securing the Right Team is Crucial

Securing the Right Team is Crucial

The process of transforming a garment from concept to closet is an intricate and interdependent one. It is akin to giving birth. There are a host of professionals and talents who are responsible for bringing beautiful designs to life. There are the interns, fabric suppliers, pattern makers, sample makers, marker/graders and manufacturers, to name a few. None of us can exist without the other.

The same thoughtfulness that is applied to the Sew Elevated design process and selection of unforgettable fabrics is applied to the selection of our production partners. It is not simply about finding a skilled pattern maker or seasoned garment factory. It is about working with people who believe in our brand’s mission, appreciate the beauty of our designs or are passionate artisans who take great pride in their craft. 

When meeting with a new contractor, we want to know (in addition to their skill and experience): How friendly are they? How do these technicians treat or speak of other brands? How do they appear to treat their employees? Do their employees seem happy? What is the overall vibe of their work space? Do they keep their word on delivery times or inform when they will be delayed? Do they seem to be ethical in their practices? Do the terms of agreement change midway through the process? Are they passionate about their work, fashion and bringing the vision of the designer to reality? Are they patient? What is my gut saying about partnering with this person/company? We never underestimate the power of our internal voice. 

With the many days, nights and love that culminate into the development of each style, we want to feel comfortable leaving our precious fabrics, patterns and notions in the care of other professionals. Once you receive your Sew Elevated garment in your hand, we want to feel assured that all of the hands that have played a part in its making have appreciated the process  as much as we have. There is a joy in making clothes that we hope you feel in every stitch. 

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